Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The State Club

So, my last post made me realize that I haven't posted any info about The State Club, where we're having our reception. I LOVE IT :) And since I graduated from NCSU along with lots of other members of my family, it's perfect!

The State Club shares the building with the NC State University Alumni Center.  It is on NCSU's Centennial Campus in Raleigh and is on the edge of a lake. Here are a few pictures!


Mantle Decorations!

So, there are big fireplaces on either side of the ballroom at The State Club. I already know that I want to have lots of candles going around the room, but I think I want to have a pretty candle/flower display on the fireplace. The pic below was from another wedding while they were setting up.  I want small candles placed uniformly around the room.

I think the mantle could be a cool spot to do something a little bit more modern than the rest of the flower decorations. So, right now I'm thinking of having lots of different size candles and glass holders; along with glass vases with peonies. I really like the picture below with the one floating peony... so elegant!  

So, even though we haven't picked out a florist yet, I think we can do something like this!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I heart peonies

I just LOVE Peonies... and this post on SW blog!! They are so pretty and I really hope to have them for my wedding! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reception DJ!

So, we met with Joe Bunn yesterday of Joe Bunn DJ Company to talk about him DJing for our reception... and we are soooo excited! He seems like a really great guy and has a ton of experience. He was recommended to my mom by one of her friends and we're def. going to use him too!

He has a group of more than 20 DJs and they have really great online planning tools. You can pick out your songs online before the event and customize the playlist however you want. They also have a reception planner which kind of lays out how everything will go that night. He has done so many receptions and had a lot of great general party planning advice!!!

Will you be my bridesmaid cards


Here are some pictures of the cards that I gave my friends, asking them to be my MOH/BMs.

I printed them at home using Martha Stewart stationary that I got from Michaels.

First Post!

Hello, This is my first post!! I'm excited to be starting this blog, so that I can organize and track all of my wedding planning and progress.

I'll be posting updates as often as I can!