Thursday, June 10, 2010


Our reception was fabulous, lol, if I say so myself. Everything, seriously, the food, decor, atmosphere, and people, turned out to be better than we had even expected. I have a TON of pictures, so here's a selection of my favorites!

Pro Pics: Portraits

Here's a selection of the portraits that we took after the wedding. It started to rain right after the ceremony, so we ended up having to do all of these inside. I was hoping to do a lot of nice shots outside, but the weather changed this. However, we ended up getting to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests, so it all worked out!

Pro Pics: Wedding Ceremony

Our photographer had our pictures uploaded online so fast, before we were even back from the honeymoon! So, I'll share some of the pics he put online.

Our ceremony was wonderful and the decor looked amazing. I was really impressed with the florals that Fresh Affairs made for us. We had a fabulous altar arrangement, unity candle decorations, and pew bows... Lyn is so creative and truly an artist! We weren't allowed to have photography during the ceremony, so we don't have pictures of the ceremony. But, we did have a videographer, so it we'll be able to watch it later! Here are some of the pictures that we did get.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Ready Photos

Here are pictures from the day of the wedding and all the girls getting ready.

And here are some of the boys' and girls' getting ready photo's from our photographer: