Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mantle Decorations!

So, there are big fireplaces on either side of the ballroom at The State Club. I already know that I want to have lots of candles going around the room, but I think I want to have a pretty candle/flower display on the fireplace. The pic below was from another wedding while they were setting up.  I want small candles placed uniformly around the room.

I think the mantle could be a cool spot to do something a little bit more modern than the rest of the flower decorations. So, right now I'm thinking of having lots of different size candles and glass holders; along with glass vases with peonies. I really like the picture below with the one floating peony... so elegant!  

So, even though we haven't picked out a florist yet, I think we can do something like this!

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