Friday, September 11, 2009

I might be addicted to Vistaprint

Soo, i've been taking advantage of all of vistaprint's sales recently... Yesterday I ordered:
- 100 save the date magnets for 50% off
- 10 additional save the date magnets for FREE
- 250 photoshare cards (with free upgrade to glossy!) for FREE
- 3 pens with our names/date on them for FREE
- 50 rehearsal dinner menus for FREE
** I'm testing this out to see how it will look on the oversized postcard. If it does work, I'll use these for the menus for the RD (if we don't change the menu) and maybe for different cheap menus for the reception! yay for free stuff!

All of this = AMAZING! I'm so excited to get it in the mail and see what I can do with all of the free stuff!

I definitely recommend trying vistaprint and seeing if you can use their free products creatively to add personality to your event! However, I'd recommend if you're doing magnets or anything else important, using the 10 for free initially to make sure your colors and everything are correct. Then you can wait til a huge sale and order everything and save so much!! That's what I did and I saved a total of: $105.93 haha!


  1. I think I'll do Save the Date postcards through them when the time comes.. please let me know how you like their customer service and how everything turned out!

  2. The first save the date magnets that I got were great, so I just ordered the rest! On my first order, I also got 100 postcards of the same std design for free. But, I decided that we wanted magnets, so we decided to just order the full magnets.

    However, the postcards would work well if you want to mail them without envelopes. I know quite a few knotties who have done this.

  3. I did the postcards for STDs and I love them! They sometimes do 50 free rack cards and I think they would be great for menus if you don't like the way the oversized postcards look. I also got a pen and I really liked it.

  4. That's an amazing deal! Well done you! Did you just see the sale online? By the way, you have a most beautiful blog! I can't way to follow! And our wedding dates are so close to each other - mine is May 30th! Have fun planning!

  5. I wanted to check back and see how you liked everything, glad everything worked out! I think we'll go with the postcards when we're ready to do ours this spring! :)