Sunday, November 15, 2009

Table Numbers

I picked up the table numbers from Megan today! I'm super excited about this project and got a lot done today! So, I started with her table numbers which looked like this:
Then, I had to totally deconstruct them.... and basically ripped all of the numbers off and took apart the frames. Sorry Megan for undoing all of your hard work, lol! Then I cleaned up all of the numbers and painted the frames with silver metallic acrylic paint.
I cut rectangles out of scrapbook paper in the appropriate sizes for the backings. I placed the paper in the frames and tightened the back of the frames. I painted the numbers with a light pink acrylic paint. Then, I arranged the numbers in the frames how I wanted them and voila! I only did 15 today. I don't know if I'll need more, but I have all of the supplies to make additional ones if we need them, which we probably will.

Update! I glued the numbers and added another coat of paint...

What do you think?