Friday, January 22, 2010

J. Crew Obsession

Yes, it's true! I love J. Crew and almost everything they sell. Their wedding and party collection is so cute! Although, we decided not to get bridesmaid dresses from there because they were shorter and more casual than we wanted. Yesterday I ordered two dresses that were on sale and they are gorgeous, I can't wait to wear them for wedding related events! I'm thinking about wearing the silver wrap dress for the morning and getting ready on the wedding day.

I also FINALLY found a pair of the shoes I had been eyeing for my wedding. I think this is the first wedding picture I saw of them... They are sold out of almost every size and color at J. Crew. I even contacted them to see if they could find a pair for me and they are completely gone in my size! :( However, I found someone on WeddingBee who bought these then decided not to wear them for her wedding. They are gorgeous!
I'm so excited to finally be getting the little things done!

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  1. I adore J. Crew as well! Very cute dresses and shoes!