Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project Updates!

Time is flying by! I can't believe there are only 4 months and 12 days until the wedding, eeek! This weekend I finished a couple projects and I've been getting ready to start others. I found really cute labels at AC Moore to put on the soap for the OOT bags. I love these!!

Then, I found wooden letters of our initials to put inside the wreaths. I hung these with silver ribbon. What do you think?? Letters or no letters? The doors at the church are dark brown, so I think the white will show up nicely (they're kind of hard to see
hanging on our white doors). As of right now I think they're cute and I like the personalization, but the letters are easy to take out if we want to.

I also started a mock up of our ceremony programs. Although we haven't actually written the ceremony yet, I wanted to get an idea of what kind of supplies I'll need. Since we didn't do DIY invites, I kind of took the design I had for the invites and turned them into programs. More on this project later. But, I do like the idea of including a map to the reception in the program (if you have enough room). Our reception location's address isn't on most GPS or google maps, so I wanted to make it easier for our guests to find their way. So, we'll probably put the map and directions on the back page, facing the cardstock cover, like in this example.


  1. Everything turned out great! Love the cute labels you found, the wreaths look great too.. I definitely think the letters should stay! They will pop against the brown doors!, and the programs look great too. Great job!

  2. I love the programs! I think I'm going to go for something similar and I'll definitely include the map.