Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Busy week ahead!

This week is going to be very busy! But, the best part of that is that we're going to get a lot done!
* Tonight we're meeting with our pastor at the church.
* Thursday, we're picking out linens and rentals from CE Rental, doing our food tasting (YUM!), meeting with our reception coordinator, and meeting with the florist.
* Friday, we're hoping to meet with our new ceremony/wedding coordinator.
* Saturday, we're PICKING UP MY DRESS!!
* Monday, dropping envelopes off with the calligrapher.

Today, I confirmed all of the information for the Groom's Cake order. It's going to be fabulous! We're getting a UNC-themed groom's cake for my fiance's alma mater. It's kind of a surprise for my fiance, as he knows there will be a UNC-themed cake, but he doesn't know what it looks like. It will be served at our Rehearsal Dinner at 518 West! Here's a picture of what it'll look like:

We're getting it from Cinda's Creative Cakes.


  1. Very busy! :) That's great you're getting so much done!

  2. I LOVE Cinda! She's doing our cake too. You have been busy lately! Congrats on all the checks :-)