Friday, February 12, 2010

We're into the double digits!

99 days until the wedding! Wow, back when we got engaged {581 days ago...1 year, 7 moths ago}, I felt like this day would be soooo far away. Well, it's here! We're finally in the double digits, I can't believe how close the wedding is. I'm really glad that we've been getting stuff done almost every day. Yesterday, we picked out the mens' tuxes and today we picked out and put the deposit on our wedding rings!

The groomsmen will be wearing tuxes from Mens Wearhouse with silver vests and bow ties. My fiance will wear the same tux, but with a white vest and bow tie instead of the silver. We really love the classic look that these will have.

We ordered our rings today and were lucky that they had them in stock. So, we won't have to wait multiple weeks for them to come in. I was really relieved since a custom order would have meant getting the rings last minute before the wedding.

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  1. Very exciting your big day is so close :) Nice rings and tuxe's!