Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calligraphy and more......

We're dropping our envelopes off with the calligrapher on Feb. 22nd! {We're using Leah from Simply Stated} However, we really need to decide which font we want to use!! I love all of these options, but I'm definitely partial to the first one, which matches the font that we used on the save the dates and a lot of the other stationary that guests will see, including our monogram. But, the others are pretty too! Click here to see our invitations and here to see our monogram.

Which is your favorite?!


  1. Love the first one! If you already have other stuff in that font, I would stick with it. :)

  2. I love the first and fourth. But how "scripty" and uber-formal are your invitations? As they are all really nice formal fonts, the others have more of a sassy-ness to them, less traditional old-style. But I do love the first, as that was practically the font of our invitations and everything else.

    Yay for fun decisions!

  3. I think that you should go with the first know you want everything to match (and I know you do too)!!!!! Especially with how ocd you've been with everything else...go with your instinct!

  4. Wait...are the bottom 3 the ones that she does and the top one is the one you're going to get her to that extra??
    If it is, I like the forth one!!

  5. kelsey... what? The bottom ones are examples from her website. She's going to reproduce the first one for the same price as the others, so it's not extra. I like the top one too, so I'll just see how it looks when she gives me a sample of her reproduction.

  6. oookay...I thought that she only did the ones from her website and if you wanted it more custom, that would be extra...I have no idea what I'm talking about haha