Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rentals Update!

We met with CE Rental today to look at rental items that we'll need for the reception. Everything looks so gorgeous, I am very excited!

We first looked at linens and decided to go with a beautiful pink (petal) taffeta. We will have these in full length tablecloths on all of the guests' tables. The pink is very shimmery and changes colors in different lighting. We'll have silver satin tablecloths on the tall cocktail tables, sweetheart table, and cake table. The cocktail tables will be used in the cocktail hour and on the edge of the dance floor, they'll have a pink taffeta band around the middle.

For chairs, we picked out a silver chiavari with a white silk cushion. The chairs complete the look of the tables perfectly! Plus, the chairs make it easier to get more people at each table!

I took some of the things that will be at our table to see how everything looks together. Here are some pictures of what it'll look like:


  1. Yay! You chose the box I like!

  2. yep! That was the one we were thinking of originally too!