Monday, May 17, 2010

Yay! Good surprises!

Well, I still can't believe it. We are 5 days out from the wedding. This week is basically crazy. We have a lot of little things to do, but we've got a plan and we're dividing it all up. I am taking Wednesday-Friday off from work, so that will be great!

Today, I went online to the website for our apartment in Paris and found out that the apartment we're renting has been renovated. This is soo exciting. It was already really pretty to begin with, but now the kitchen and bath look so nice and luxurious! Wow, what a nice surprise!! Here are some pictures of the updated apartment. LOVE IT!

I also got an email today that our favors have been delivered! This is such a relief. I can't wait to see them! Plus, we ended up ordering more than we'll actually need, so that means there will be extra chocolates for later... yum.

We have our final dance lesson tonight. We're basically just reviewing and putting the finishing touches on it since we know the whole thing now. I'm nervous about it, but I think it's going to be great.

My to-do list for this week is pretty long, but we're checking so many things off. I'll update tomorrow!


  1. Oh wow, so exciting! The room looks amazing! That's great you have part of the week off before the wedding! :)

  2. wow!!! your honeymoon is going to be amazing!!!! you'll have to share where you found that apt. I'd love to go!

  3. It looks amazing!!! I am so jealous! I wanted to know how you were able to get a RSVP tracker to your blog and what you used?? Good luck with the last minute wedding details!

  4. Jessica, we used

    kitcat, I just copied the picture from the knot of the RSVP tracker and saved it as a picture, then uploaded.

  5. I wont be on blogger much these next couple days so in case I am not able to tell you before then, congratulations and have a special wedding day! You're going to have such a memorable and fun day. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

  6. Are you back from your honeymoon? Congratulations on being married and I hope you had a wonderful time! Anxious to see pictures and hear about everything! :)