Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, I'm going to order my wedding garter ASAP... but I haven't figured out which one I want!

I'm debating between a few options/combinations on Etsy. These are both sold by Etsy Seller: Tinarie21.

Basically, I don't know which crystal button I want to use on the main garter; whether I want any blue in the garter, or whether I want the toss garter to have a flower or not.

Which combinations do you like best?


  1. It depends on if you're using that as your something blue.. if so then choose one with the blue in it. My favorite are the garters in the second picture. Very classy!

  2. I decided to go with the all ivory ones in the second picture! I'm already doing something else for my something blue, so I went with the ivory ones because they are classic.