Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shoe Craziness

Recently, I've been wondering if the shoes I have to wear on the wedding day are really going to last me the entire day. I originally bought these J. Crew shoes:
I love these shoes and think they are beautiful. But, the size 7.5 is starting to feel a little big on my feet... I wore them to my bridal portraits and they felt okay, not the most comfortable shoes ever, but I rarely wear such high heels(3.5"). I bought some of the shoe liner pads to make them more comfortable and fit a little more snugly on my feet, and I think this will help.

But, since Kevin and I've been taking dance lessons, I've started to wonder if my feet will come out of my shoes when we dance. I've been practicing in similar shoes and occasionally, my foot will slip out of my shoe... causing an awkward moment for me to get it back in and possibly messing up the dance. So, I've started looking at other alternatives to possibly wear for the reception or all day, depending on what I find.

I found these shoes at DSW and have ordered them. I'll probably receive them in the next couple of days and make my decision. At least I can return them to a DSW store if I change my mind. I think they're pretty and the good thing about them is the little strap around the ankle that will keep my foot in place. The only problem with these shoes is that the heel is only 3" high. My dress has been altered for a 3.5" heel, so I'd need to wear the J. Crew shoes for at least most of the day and maybe change into these shoes for the reception when my dress is bustled.
Then, I was looking online at more shoes today and found that David's Bridal has some new shoes out. They have one style called Lolita, which is very similar to the pair at DSW. It comes in ivory which will match my dress and the heel height is 3.5". I'm probably going to go look at these today or this weekend so I can make a decision. If this shoe is comfortable, I could wear them all day or change into them at the reception.
Decisions, decisions.... at least I have some options now. I'll let you know what I decide is most comfortable!


  1. Be careful with the David's Bridal EK white flats are from there and they kill my feet!

  2. oh boy...i love the white ones from dsw...such a classy shape to that shoe!

  3. Thanks Kelsey, I haven't gone to look at them yet. I'm gonna wait to see how the ones from DSW feel.

  4. lol you are being like me, buying stuff too early and then buying 10 more copies.