Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Progress

This weekend, I've gotten a lot done. I finished all 200 of the program covers! Now all we have to do is print the actual program information and put it in and tie the ribbons. We've finalized our ceremony info and music selections. So, we can finally print everything this week after we meet with our officiant this week to go over everything.

I bought a pink basket to put the programs in and hopefully make it easier on our Program Attendant. I tied a silver ribbon to coordinate with the programs.
I also bought a ton of silver frames which were on sale for our "family wedding table." Although, we're actually going to be putting them on top of the piano, this is where we'll display as many photos as possible from past weddings in our families. I'm really excited to see how this comes out, I love old wedding photos. Hopefully it will look something like the pictures below.
We received the sparklers that we'll use for the sparkler send-off this week. We got 288 of the 20" sparklers. So, this weekend, I spent some time tying our personalized matches to them for a cute touch. We'll have these placed in containers underneath the portico at The State Club by our coordinator. Then, when it's time for our exit, some of our wedding party will help coordinate the lighting of the sparklers.
It's a busy week ahead! We're hopefully going to get a lot done!

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  1. The sparklers look great :) That's awesome you're getting so much done! I bet it feels so great to check more things off your list!