Friday, April 9, 2010

Fun weekend ahead!

I've been really busy lately and haven't gotten a chance to post in a while.

Well, I'm really excited that it's finally Friday and about the weekend. It's going to be a lot of fun! My bridal shower is tomorrow at noon and then in the evening, my girls are throwing me a lingerie shower/bachelorette party. I think it's going to be a wonderful day and I can't wait to see everyone!

I had a change of heart about my outfit for the bridal shower. The dress I ordered from J. Crew is too big on me now and I couldn't find any accessories that looked good with it. So, I found a cute ivory dress on sale at Macy's and I'm really excited about it.

Let's see, what have I gotten done since my last post? I ordered the favors for the reception. This is such a huge sigh of relief, I had been putting that off foreverrrrr. We've ordered and received all of the supplies for the wedding printing projects and now it's time to begin. I'll probably start working on the program booklets first since they are the biggest. Although we haven't finished the wording and info of the actual program, the paper covers and monogram on the front will take a while to do. Once we've officially decided on the menu, I'll print those too, but they will be super easy!

Oh, I don't think I even posted about my fancy new printer...? It's awesome! I have never been so excited about a printer before. It's a Canon PIXMA MX860 and we bought it from Best Buy. It does everything... lol it's a 4 in 1: copy, scan, fax, print. But, my favorite thing about it, is that it automatically does two sided printing! YES, this will make printing the programs so, so, so much easier to do ourselves. Especially since Kinko's quoted me $400 to print them for me on my own paper.... um, no thank you! Here it is in all of it's glory, lol!
In other news, we took our second ballroom dancing class last night. Technically, it was our first lesson, since the other one was a consultation/intro session. I'm really excited about the dance. We're dancing to Michael Buble's Everything and it's going to be so beautiful and fun. Last night we learned and rehearsed the beginning of the song. Yay, but we've got to practice, practice!

Tonight we're meeting with Jeff from Simpsound Lighting at our reception site to talk about lighting again and sign the contract. I'm really hoping we'll get to see the gobo for the dance floor and figure out all of the day-of logistics.

OH, and how could i forget... As of yesterday, here are our RSVPs so far:
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you are getting so much accomplished! Hope you had fun at the shower and bachelorette/lingere shower as well! Post pics! Thank you for the printer recommendation. We're researching them right now and we'll definitely look into that one.

    Looking forward to seeing how everything comes together! Everything's going to look great!