Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bridal Portraits and Aisle Runner

I had my Bridal Portraits today, I think everything went really well!! We took them at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke. It was a little overcast this afternoon, but I think it worked to our advantage since there weren't that many people around. I was really nervous about walking around on the stone and dirt pathways, but we didn't have any problems and thankfully my dress didn't get dirty!!

Before my portraits, I had the fabulous Elizabeth Tolley do my hair and makeup. She was so nice and really is as good as everyone says! I was a little concerned that the eyes would be too dark, but I got used to it and I think it looked amazing! Plus, she put fake eyelashes on so they would pop in the pictures. This was a lot of fun but took a few minutes to get used to, lol! I'm not used to wearing so much makeup, but you really have to wear a lot for it to look good in pictures. I wore my hair half-up, half-down and I think it looked really good with my veil. I think we might put a little less hair up next time, so I have some more volume, but it was beautiful!! I'll see if I can post a head-shot sometime soon, when we get the pictures back.

When we got back from the portraits, I got an email from the girl on Etsy who's doing our aisle runner. She's finished painting our monogram on the runner and is going to ship it to us this week. I am SOOO excited about this. I think it looks AMAZING! She did an excellent job and has been so fast! I just picked out the paint color last weekend, lol! I can tell she really took her time and worked really hard on it, I can't wait to see it in person. I love this and I know that it will be a great touch of personalization for our ceremony. I'm hoping our guests will be wowed that we have put so much thought into all of the details. Click Here to visit her Etsy store... she makes some beautiful hand painted, custom runners. Here are some of the pictures that she sent me:


  1. I'm glad you had a great time getting your bridal portraits done! Your aisle runner is very nice! I'm hoping to be able to DIY ours..

  2. Thank you Meredith! It was absolutely my pleasure to do your runner and I know you will just love it when you get it!
    Best of luck!