Saturday, March 13, 2010

Invitations are DONE!

I'm sooo, soooo excited about these! My mom picked up the envelopes from the calligrapher on Friday, they are beautiful! I can't even believe how perfect they turned out. I DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone that's looking for a calligrapher or just someone to address your envelopes. Leah was really great and she can copy any font you show her. Click Here to visit her website. Plus, the best part is that she's so affordable, a flat rate of $1.50 per envelope set!

Anyways, so we finally got all of the invitation sets into their envelopes. I put the stamps on them and sealed them up. They are so beautiful. They're almost like miniature works of art! I can't wait for everyone to receive them in the mail. Hopefully our guests will be as amazed as we are. Even my fiance, Kevin, was really impressed by how good everything looks together. Lol, he doesn't usually get into that kind of stuff! I didn't take any pictures tonight, but I'll be sure to post some ASAP.

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