Sunday, March 28, 2010

Planning Update!

Right now I'm procrastinating from finishing a take-home midterm for class. I've finished 7.5 questions out of 8, lol! I just wanted to make an update post to organize my thoughts and figure out what I need to be thinking about this week.

This weekend I finally opened the aisle runner and rolled it (partially) out. I think it looks great. We have the monogram placed about 10 feet from the end of the aisle. I think this will look really nice when the guests walk into the church.

We also updated our registry today. We changed the cookware set that we were registered for because Macy's wasn't going to carry the old one anymore. Well, we ended up picking the one Kevin had wanted all along. I think it's great and will cook beautifully. We added some towels and odds and ends to the registry since people are actually going to be using it now! My bridal shower is on April 10th!!

So, this week, we need to:
- buy the ribbon for the programs
- order the reception favors
- decide on ceremony music
- research sparklers for reception exit
- select bridal portrait for reception display

I know there's more to do... I'll keep thinking!

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