Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yes, you read that correctly. This post is devoted to postage stamps. I am wayyy more excited about our invitations' stamps than any normal person would ever get over stamps. I am the proud owner of 240 stamps that we'll use to mail our invitations out very soon!

I took our complete invitation to the post office today to be weighed and measured. I was very excited to learn that we can use the $0.61 stamps for the invitation. Our invites are printed on 220 lb letterpress paper by Crane, so I thought we might have to pay even more than that for postage. We decided not to do the ribbon around the invite set because it was going to make it too bulky. Plus, it's already a snug fit with all of the enclosures!

So, I bought 120 of the $0.60 wedding cake stamps for the outer envelopes... they are so pretty! I also bought 120 of the $0.44 wedding ring stamps for the response envelopes. :) I had looked at making custom stamps on Zazzle or somewhere like that, but I just didn't like having to pay more than the face value of the stamps. So, for the exact minimum postage needed, we were able to get wedding related stamps and I think it's great!

Can't wait to mail these out, hopefully, NEXT WEEK!!

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