Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bridal Portrait Teasers!

I'm so excited! Today my photographer posted my bridal portraits in a gallery on his website!! I think they came out even better than I expected. I was worried that I was posing weird or making a funny face or something in all of them, lol! Plus, I like my hair and makeup even more than I thought!! So, I'm not going to post a full length shot, but I'll give you some teasers for now. I don't want my fiance to stumble upon the pictures, although he knows to stay away from this blog.

Oh, and in these pictures, you can see the bouquet that I DIYed on Sunday afternoon. I was more stressed about making this one because it would be in pictures, but I think it came out even better than my trial!! I used pink tulips, ranunculus, and carnations and tied the stems with a pink ribbon.


  1. You look so beautiful!!! And the bouquet is awesome!

  2. gorgeous! i love the one of you holding the flowers out! :) and your bouquet is FABULOUS!